Slumdog Millionnaire

David Denby, the movie critic of New Yorker dismisses Slumdog as “fairy tale for adults” and states:  “What I will remember of ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ is a disorderly exploitation of disorder, a kind of visual salad of glowing rotten fruit, constantly tossed. I object to the way that the director, Danny Boyle, orchestrates Jamal’s life.  Boyle has created what looks like a jumpy, hyper-edited commercial for poverty—he uses the squalor and violence touristically, as an aspect of the fabulous.”

The editor of La Lassurophobe on the other hand says, “Boyle has captured the rich tapestry of Indian life, expressed how a country so mired in such extreme poverty can manage to triumph as one of the world’s great democracies nonetheless.  The Bollywood dance number that finishes the picture shows there heroic people thumbing their nose at tragedy and daring to be happy despite their circumstances.  Rather than turning into bleak, morose devils yearning to bring forth a dictator like Stalin, the people of India choose hope and defiance.”

Bravo we say to Slumdog Millionaire; it winning 8 Oscars would be a minor victory for those who struggle for democracy throughout the world.

Dear members, what do you think the movie means for India and its image? Would you like to discuss this issue with the much accomplished Ms. Neelam Man Singh who has established her forte all over the world through theatre and who has studied other societies while treating the audiences the world over to some excellent plays directed by her.

Ms. Neelam Man Singh will be our chief guest this Monday, 2nd March 2009 and talk to us on the current debate of what Slundog Millionaire means to India and the world.


Join CATS for Blood

Blood - one component in your body that you recover within 24 hours and in just 5 minutes, you would have perhaps saved three lives. 

Voluntary blood donation is the most noble act that one can perform every three months without fail...year after year. And we have people like our selfless CATS, a self-motivated group of CEOs, executives and entrepreneurs, who besides being adventurous never go back to their promise to the world they live in.  And religiously, every third month, they are bringing their families and friends to donate blood and help our Club, meet the need for blood by the children who are operated free for congenital cardiac disease under Rotary Heartline Project. 

On 27th February once again, the 5th time, the members of CATS - Chandigarh Adventures, Treks & Sports, are getting together from 9:00am till 5pm at Rotary & Blood Bank Society Resource Centre in Sector 37, to contribute to this cause...selflessly.  Let's join to cheer them up, and bring our own staff to be a part of the drive.