Rotary Cares!

On 13th April, a 10-year old Karan, son of a rickshawpuller Raj Kumar from Ambala Cantt was brought to the PGI, after he suddenly fell down while playing with his friends.  His legs could not bear his weight and he was unable to walk.  Carrying him in his arms, his father reached PGI paediatrics department where he was diagnosed with landry guillain barre syndrome (LGBS) - a nervous  disorder affecting the peripheral nervous system. Ascending paralysis, weakness beginning in the feet and hands and migrating towards the trunk, is the most typical symptom. It can cause life-threatening complications, particularly if the breathing muscles are affected or if there is dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system. The disease is usually triggered by an acute infection.
There world was literally shattered as the doctors requested for special injections worth about Rs.60,000 to be injected to Karan to stop the spread of the disease. 
The housewife, Anu, who is a math tutor, and had brought the child from Ambala where Karan's mother worked as a maid, approached various sources, including our Club. While she herself shelled out Rs.30,000 immediately from her own savings to buy the first lot of injections, we sent out the appeal and within a few hours the remaining Rs.30,000 were arranged. 
Our special thanks to the Rotarians and others who responded immediately, especially  the Saboo family, Rtn AP Singh’s sister Supreet Dhiman and her Can and Will Foundation, Rtn. D.P. Singh, Rtn. D.V. Bhatia, Rtn. Lalita Jagmohan Singh, Rtn. Dr. Prashant Jain, and Rtn. C.J. Singh. 

Thanks to the prompt support by poor patient coordinator in PGI Dr. Anuradha Jatana for interacting with the doctors and the chemist M/s Kumar Brothers, Karan is now well on his way to recovery. He was relieved on 20th May since the disease stopped spreading.  The boy would require physiotherapy to restore the working of his limbs.
Karan went back home smiling, and when what he wants to be, he shot back, “I want to be a doctor”.