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RCC in Sector 52

Further to the meeting President G.S. Lakhmna and I had yesterday with the Finance Secretary, Mr. Sanjay Kumar, IAS, who has allocated a cluster of 100 houses in Sector 52, at the transit camp set up for the slum dwellers, who have been moved there from various slums in the city, we along with Chairman RCC visited the colony in the morning as well as in the evening.

There are numerous issues that need to be tackled at the Administration level but at our Club level we have decided to set up another RCC there to engage the residents in their own upliftment.

We shall require everyone’s inputs and more importantly, active participation to make this project a success and make a difference in the lives of the people there. We are meeting again on Wednesday, 23rd December at 5pm in Sector 52 colony, and shall request as many Rotarians who can join in to see the state of affairs.

Some of the issues that we have identified include :

a. Assisting small children to get into government schools
b. Encouraging teenagers who are working to get into afternoon schools
c. Provide warm clothings and chappals/shoes for children
d. Micro loan for those who want to set up their own business
e. Adult education for women
f. Vocational training centre for the women
g. Additional vocational training at RVTC in embroidery, tailoring, beautician course, computer course
h. Medical health check up
i. Cleaning up the area and inculcating self-hygiene
j. General awareness about self-hygiene, immunization, etc.
k. Books and stationery for those children willing to learn

We shall appreciate everyone’s participation, and suggestions. Please get in touch with Rtn. Hasan Mejie.

Another RCC planned

Thanks to the endeavours of Pres. G.S. Lakhmna, and Rtn. Hassan Mejie, RCC Chair of Rotary Club of Chandigarh, a preliminary meeting was held in Sector 38West with the residents of the slums rehabilitation colony built by Chandigarh Housing Board. With more than 2000 people resettled in this new housing complex built for the slum dwellers, the Rotary Club identified various challenges the new settlement faces. In order to make it self-sustaining, an RCC has been planned in this resettlement colony to work towards better sanitation, hygiene, upkeep of the parks, beautification, adult literacy, health, creche facilities etc, in which the RCC members would work together.
The preliminary meeting held today with the ladies and other residents, the agenda was set very clearly and hopefully next week another meeting will be held to start the process of empowering the residents for upgrading their lives.
All members are requested to join in with their suggestions to support the RCC. CJ