Why am I a Rotarian?

This is a question that perhaps we may not have asked ourselves so far. Have we? I think you have. Isn't it? Do you remember the day someone approached you and invited you to "join" Rotary? And then you "joined" and became "a member". It has been many years now for most of us. We lose count of the days and the months and the years. How many times do we attend regular meeting? And in how many projects of the club you were there and participated in it? What projects you are working with at the moment in the Club?
All of us have our own answers. And perhaps, many questions. I shall be grateful if you can come and open your heart on Monday, 24th August 2009 at our regular club meeting, which is dedicated to you, to seek answers to the question "Why am I a Rotarian?"
We shall together try to look into this aspect in the panel discussion, in which each one of you would be a panelist.
Do I have your yes? Thank you. Look forward to meeting you on Monday.