How to 'Reach Within'

Rotary International President Kalyan Banerjee has charged the Rotary world with his spiritual message which is out and out call for action.  Each one of us can do it
As I started looking at various meanings or interpretations of the word, 'Reach', one definition impressed me. (n)  "the power of stretching out or extending action, influence, or the like; power of attainment or management; extent of force or capacity."
As a verb, it has been defined as "to extend an action, effort, or influence to; to penetrate as far as".
In short, there could not have been a better word than 'Reach' that inspires us to act, to make an effort and extend ourselves to look within and search the real meaning of life...our life.  One can delve as deep as one desires to be. And as Buddha says the answer to our existence, life's purpose, lies within our own consciousness. 
Each one of us are born with a accomplish make a difference. All we need to do is to look within to find the right answer.  Rotary provides us this opportunity every meet destitute, deprived, diseased, or challenged - physically, socially, emotionally.  Everytime we reach out to help them, extend a helping hand, without knowing them, or without expecting anything in return from them...the godliness in our being emerges.  
Just do at least one good a day...minimum, though each one of us is capable of doing much more than that...and as Rotarians, we have been ordained and blessed to get this opportunity to think about others, care about them, and act to help them tide over their challenges in life. 
Once it becomes a part of our life... as a genuine desire emerging from within ourselves to feel for others, or as Past Rotary International President Raja Saboo often says "to step into the shoes of another", it takes us to another level of achievement of godliness...of being a better human being. 
The first part of the theme, "Reach Within" is what you need to practice, and the rest - "to Embrace Humanity" - becomes an automatic outcome which will ensure a better, beautiful and peaceful world for each one of us.
How to Reach Within? Here's a 10-Steps Forumula:
1. Just as you get up in the morning, while you are still sitting on your bed, raise your arms, close your eyes, and thank God for blessing you for another great day to do good.  Thank God for all the bounties that He has bestowed on us all. 
2. Go out in the open, and facing East, bow to the sun, close your eyes, and repeat to yourself, "This is a great day.  I have the power within me to do good and I shall make a difference in the life of someone today."
3. Sit silently and feel the flow of energy from your surroundings getting into you...the sunlight, the plants, the earth, and the air you are breathing. 
4. Focus at the point between the eyebrows, and feel the energy of life flowing into your body. 
5. Open your eyes, sit silently, breath normally, and remember that all human beings are created equal and each one is a creation of God. 
6. Remember, our purpose on this planet earth is to forget all the goodness we do to others, and forgive those who are not kind to us. 
7. Water the plants in your home with extreme love and care. Put out a water bath on the window sill or outside in the open for the birds to drink or dance joyfully in it. 
8. Learn to LISTEN to your family, your business associates, your colleagues, the people around you. Don't jump to conclusions. Have focussed listening. 
9. Be focussed to keenly look around, as a person out on a mission to do good. Ask yourself, "Can I do something to improve the situation or someone's life?"
10. Be proactive. List out tasks that you want to do for the general good of the society...for the people in need.  And how you are going to accomplish them. 

Repeat the process for 21 Days...without fail. And share it with others, what difference it has made in your life! I look forward to hearing from you.

Reach Within and make a difference!