Club Responds to Save 17 Year Old

Today's Indian Express' Chandigarh Newsline carried a story on the front page about a 17 year old Nepalese girl, Moti Kala, who was trying to collect money for her heart surgery. Suffering from congenital rheumatic heart disease, Moti Kala was running from pillar to post.
Responding to the story, our Heartline Project Chairman Rtn. PP Kewal Seth got in touch with her and got her admitted to the Fortis Hospital immediately so that she can be taken care of immediately.
What a prompt response. As you are aware that Rotary Heartline project is the saviour of children suffering from congenital cardiac disease belonging to economically challenged section of our society. And our Club has made a commitment to save the lives of such children. Since the project started in 1999, the Club has been able to save over 267 lives so far. And the credit for this goes to each and every Rotarian who has been contributing to this project and supported every time, notwithstanding the contribution of many other partners like CATS who continue to voluntarily collect blood to supprt the Heartline project.
Our special thanks to everyone who supports the lives of these little children. Please continue to support us.

Astrology in Marriage

Shri Madan Gupta Sapattu is one of the well known astrologer, who would be the chief guest in our club and speak about the role of astrology in marriage. So let us have a peep into the science of stars and how it impacts our lives.