Keeping the Hearts Beating

The Pacemaker Bank of our Club keeps many hearts beating, helping numerous lives to continue to have a healthy life.

Every year a number of pacemakers are fitted free of cost on the patients in PGI, thanks to the project that was conceived way back in 1990-91, and continues to run even today.
It was in 1990-91, our Club provided pacemaker to a patient in PGI.
In 1991-92, the Club entered into collaboration with Heart Beat International, USA, for providing free pacemakers to poor patients in PGI.  Rtn Abhilash Kapoor was the then president of the Club, and he continues to be the Project Incharge for this. 
The process involves PGI recommending poor patients for pacemakers, and through Heartbeat International, the pacemakers are arranged.
In 2004, the most touching  scenario was when PGI requested a tiny pacemaker for a two years old child.  It was an emergency.  The team of Rotarians got active immediately and was able to get from USA the required pacemaker within 7 days.  It was collaboration at its best in which Rotarians and Heartbeat International, as well as the government of India worked at tandem to save the life of the little soul.
In 2004-05, however, it became essential to bear the cost of importing and handling charges, and the Club raised US$ 2,500 and remitted to Heartbeat International in order to get 30 pacemakers for the Pacemaker Bank.
During 2011-12, under the leadership of Rtn Madhukar Malhotra, District Governor, the project was extended to other areas in the District, especially Shimla and Dehradun. 
The video shows how Rotary and Heartbeat International is saving lives.