Magazine Month Gift for our Rotary Club

Just yesterday, we had our Monday meeting dedicated to the Rotary Magazine Month, that brought to the fore how Rotary magazine is changing life, and filling us all with information and inspiration to do more.  Our Rotarians, including PDG Kawal Bedi, IPDG Madhukar Malhotra, Director Club Service PP Manmohan Singh Kohli, Director Community Service AP Singh, and co-editor of our club bulletin 'Rotary Open Hand' Desh Deepak Khanna shared their insights.  It was enriching and refreshing.
And just today morning when I glanced through the April issue of THE ROTARIAN which had arrived in mail just yesterday, page 15 had a surprise under the 'Woirld roundup'.  It features the story of 'Hamari Beti' and the tieup our club had made with the School of Communication Studies, Panjab University, for producing radio programmes on community radio Jyotigamaya 91.2fm.
You can also read it on the Rotary's online edition.  Just Click Here.
Congratulations to all.