Why am I a Rotarian?

Our Club had an interesting panel discussion on "Why am I a Rotarian" in its regular meeting today. Rtn. Pres. H.S. Saggu from Rotary Chandigarh Central, along with PP Inderjit Singh, Rtn. H.S. Nanda and Rtn. Neeraj Punj attended. Rtn. PP B.L. Ramsisaria represented Rotary Chandigarh Midtown, while Rtn. PE Arvind Mahajan of Rotary Club Chandigarh was the third panelist.
The objective was to have a brain-storming session to raise certain key issues and make the Rotarians think about the importance of membership, bringing in new members, and initiate a self-analysis on the fundamental element that converts a member of the Rotary Club into a Rotarian.
The panelists as well as the audience shared their experiences how after joining Rotary they have understood and enjoyed the varied hues of their organisation. The key reasons expressed by the panelists for joining Rotary included, fellowship and networking opportunity, the opportunity to serve, or in order to be just a member of "elite" group.
Many admitted that initial months are mostly spent on observing and checking out other members, and it is only once one gets involved into the real project activities that one learns about its usefulness to oneself. It is other think, PP Rtn. Dr. P.S. Chari very aptly remarked, that some remain "ornamental members" who can be seen only in the club Roster, and others become Rotarians by attending the club meetings regularly.
Attending meetings religiously is, of course, the first step that helps one learn the first lesson of discipline, which opens up the gates to other opportunities through fellowship and service, panelists believed.
Number examples were cited where Rotarians enjoyed the friendship and prompt help that the Rotarians extended across the globe in other countries in an hour of need, which truly represents the internationality of Rotary and makes one feel a global citizen.
Discussing another very significant aspect of Rotary's impact on the lives of Rotarians, every one expressed the great learning experience they enjoyed being able to do good for the betterment of the society. Everyone had a human story to share that provided them utmost satisfaction and true joy and meaning of their lives.
The values of Rotary and the Four Way Test has indeed made the Rotarians to apply its principles in one's personal and professional lives felt another Rotarian which everyone endorsed.
"It grows on you gradually and depends primarily on an individual" said Rtn PE Arvind Mahajan. Rtn. Pres H.S. Saggu felt that "the experience of selfless giving is most satisfying that sustains you in Rotary." PP B.L. Ramsisaria said that a member becomes a Rotarian the moment he gets involved in the service of the community.
It was a truly thought provoking session with a great participation by every one who attended the meeting.