The fight is not yet over!

Just get set for another round of attack on polio virus.  SNID has been scheduled for Sunday, 27th March. So be ready for action.

Major task before every Rotarians is : 
a. Whenever and wherever you see a 5 years old, check out the mark on the little finger to see whether the child has received the polio drops or not.
b. Especially check your neighbourhood. Check out the child of your servant, the gardner, the dhobi around the corner, the labour in a house being constructed nearby or the settlements of labourers around the buildings under construction, the brick kilns.
c. Check out the children with nomad parents. You can find them in plenty on the Sector 21, Sector 22, Sector 34, Sector 15, and Sector 17. Have they been immunised?
d. Mark out such places where you think such families are there, and ensure on the 27th March that you take the team of paramedics with the polio dose, to all these settlements to ensure that they receive the drops.
e. Ensure coverage of people in transit. Man all the entries and exits to the city, request people to stop, check if there is a 5 years old or smaller child inside, and give the polio drop.
This is the only way we can ensure that polio gets wiped out from our country.

Rotary International President to visit Chandigarh

Rotary International President Ray Klinginsmith shall be in Chandigarh on 25th March 2011.  A unique, momentous opportunity for the Rotarians and their families in our District to meet the world leader of Rotary International...face-to-face. 
He is accompanied by the Rotary International Director K.R. Ravindran on the morning of 25th March and would be addressing the congregation of Rotarians in the evening at an intercity in the newly-built Chandigarh Judicial Academy's auditorium in Sector 43 (near ISBT) of Chandigarh.

Our Club has been given the opportunity to host this Intercity. All members are requested to register and make this event a grand success.

The Registration Fee for the Intercity is Rs.175 (single) and Rs.300 (couple).  Kindly have your cheque,  drawn in favour of "Rotary Club of Chandigarh" sent to Rotary House, 107A, Sector 18A, Chandigarh, immediately.