Plastic Surgeons needed in Rwanda

An Appeal for Plastic Surgeons to Help in Rwanda
(Rotary leaders from all countries are asked to distribute this appeal widely.)

At the request of the Health Minister of Rwanda, a medical mission is contemplated for a group of plastic surgeons to repair damaged bodies resulting from the unrest there in the mid 1990's. Past Rotary International President Raja Saboo will be organizing a group or doctors from India and would welcome surgeons from other countries to build a truly international team.
PRIP Saboo expects that the medical mission would take place some time between mid-November 2012 and be completed by mid-April 2013. The actual length of time a surgeon would remain in Rwanda would will also depend upon the suitability of the host country, our own team building process and the funding arrangement.
 Inquiries should be sent to PRIP Saboo at

When our last Intercontinental medicare mission, "Reach Out to Africa" was in Rwanda, Past Rotary International President flashed the following message to the Rotary world. . 
"Last night we had a major Rotary event at which the Health Minister of Rwanda was present. This was the third meeting we had with her in course of our stay. She was extraordinarily helpful and friendly person who has not spared any words to admire and praise Rotary. She gave a challenge and I think she was also speaking on behalf of the President and the First Lady of the country.

"What she spoke very emotionally is something that we need to pay attention to. As you may know, Rwanda went through genocide in which more than a million people were butchered in hundred days. Those stories are just horrible and one cannot have enough courage to listen to all of them. Anyway the health minister indicated that there are at least 2900 such people who have been disfigured bodily, their faces totally distorted and their appearance being so gruesome that they have confined themselves to their homes and are not able to come out of their houses so as not to show their body or faces to the public.

"The other side of it is that the government is also afraid that if they would come out, their appearance itself might trigger a revengeful action which might lead to yet another violence, disturbing the very articulated peace process that the country is going through.

"Can Rotary do something for them?
 This was the question that the Health Minister put. I discussed this matter with the Rotarians of Rwanda including Governor Fred who happens to belong to Congo and they are all excited about it."

Vivek Gupta takes over as Club President

Justice S.S. Sodhi blesses the new team and implores for Rotary's action to make city more beautiful

(R-L) Past Rotary International President Rajendra K. Saboo,
Hon'ble Justice S.S. Sodhi (retd), Rtn Pres Vivek Gupta, and
Immediate Past President Rtn. Neena Singh 
On the first meeting of our Club today, outgoing President Rtn. Neena Singh handed over the baton of leadership to Rtn. Pres Vivek Gupta. 

Hon'ble former Chief Justice of Allahabad High Court, and President of The Tribune Trust, was the chief guest and District Governor Manmohan Singh, the Guest of Honor. 

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Justice Sodhi asked the Rotarians to find solution to the depressing state of Sukhna Lake. He also suggested that organization like Rotary must come forward and address some of the pressing social needs to maintain the beauty of the city.

He commended Rotary for its ethos of serving with dedication and commitment, and hoped that organizations like Rotary can make the difference in keeping our city clean and traffic regulated to make it safe for other road users.  He suggested that Rotary club should adopt at least one market with the help of the shopkeepers and convert it into a model market in terms of overall cleanliness, regulated parking and traffic.

The senior citizens whose children live abroad are in dire need of learning basic computer skills which project, he proposed,  Rotary should undertake in the city.  

Earlier the outgoing president of the Club Rtn. Neena Singh presented the wide spectrum of community service projects for literacy, hygiene, sanitation, empowerment of women, voluntary blood donation, etc., were taken. 

Taking it forward for the next year, the new President Rtn. Vivek Gupta committed to make the city anaemia free which is a rampant problem amongst children, besides undertaking a city-wide campaign to detect hearing problem amongst children studying in government schools and living in the slums.

The Team 2012-13
District Governor Manmohan Singh congratulated both the outgoing and the incoming teams of the Club and said that the Club has much greater responsibilities to maintain stature and prestige of the club by undertaking the projects that meet the urgent need of the community.

On this occasion Rotary Club of Chandigarh honoured Dr. T.S. Mahant, Executive Director, Cardiothoracic Surgery of Fortis Hospital, which is one of the partner hospital for the club’s Rotary Heartline Project.  Since 1999, 431 free heart surgeries have been done by the club with the help of its partner hospitals, PGIMER and Fortis, and this year again Rtn. Vivek Gupta intends to reach out to at least 60 more children and save their lives.

Past Rotary International President Rajendra K. Saboo informed that on 1st of July in the Rotary world the new team of leadership takes place around the globe in nearly 34,000 clubs in 200 countries besides 530 new District Governors, 8 Rotary International Directors, and the world President of Rotary International also changes bringing in new vigour and vision to this world’s largest voluntary service organization.