Spiritualism is key to manage stress, advices Swami Avdeshanand Giri

Stress is growing because of man’s insatiable desire to wrest power, position, wealth, and material possessions, said Swami Avdeshanand Giri ji maharaj while addressing our Club on Monday evening
Swami Avdeshanand Giri who is the Acharya Mahamandleshwar of the Junapeeth Akhara in Haridwar and incharge of ashrams in Haridwar, Varanasi, and Baroda, blessed the Club with his gracious presence and highly inspirational discourse.
He lamented the man’s indiscriminate violation of laws of Nature because of the desire to acquire quick money, wealth, status in the community he lives in by whatever means and unfortunately, such people of so-called success have become the ideals for many resulting in acute mental stress.  This continued internal fight to make everything favourable to one’s own wants and desires ultimately are providing only temporary joy and pleasant feelings, with no end to stress and distress inside.
In an age of information, advertising, and consumerism, there is instant panacea to all ills being sold whether it is for quick health, or quick beauty, taking us away from the reality of this world, Swami ji said.
Our quest to create a beautiful peaceful world, the oneness of human kind, would be realized only when we adopt the path of spiritualism, he added.
Spirutalism, he said, is not following religious rituals but returning to one’s own inner self – a state of extreme bliss that one enjoys when one goes off to a deep dream-less slumber. A state when human being returns within his inner folds and if he retains this inner peace, he would get wiser, more in control of one’s life, a happy, joyous, loving and caring being, Swami ji said.
Spiritualism makes you stronger and in control of yourself and complete.  Swami ji revealed the true meaning of ‘Bhagwan’ that we all yearn for and worship, and yet continue to disintegrate and destroy it mercilessly. He said that the word ‘bhagwan’ represents the five elements of Nature around us, i.e. ‘bha’ for ‘bhumi’ or earth; ‘ga’ for ‘gagan’ or sky; ‘va’ for ‘vayu’ or air; ‘aa’ for ‘agni’ or fire; and ‘na’ for ‘neer’ or water.  Swami ji said that the man has polluted all these elements in his quest for worldly acquisitions and comforts, killing the essence of Nature, which has taken us all away from ‘bhagwan’ or god.
On being asked about the relationship, he said that each one of us are related to each other and it is man’s responsibility towards another being for everything, which alone can build better relations. Only a truly spiritual person can maintain proper relationship with one’s fellow beings, he added.
He expressed his gratitude on being a part of intellectual gathering of Rotarians and blessed all for the exceptional good work they are doing for the humanity, and even commended Rotary’s efforts in eradicating polio from the world.
This was a meeting that was charged with high positive energy in which Rotarians with their spouses joined to listen to Swami ji.
The atmosphere was so charged that the meeting culminated with an equally enlightened and spiritually-motivated expression of gratitude from President Elect Rtn. Hassan Mejie.  Expressing his inability to say the words of gratitude to Swami ji, he paid a befitting tribute to his presence by offering to save another life of a poor child under Rotary’s Heartline project by promising to pay Rs.65,000, and paid, as a token, a sum of Rs.1000 to the Club.
The evening fellowship was hosted by PP Rtn. Man Mohan Singh Kohli and PP Rtn. Praveen Chander Goyal.

Rotary should instill an attitude of giving amongst people

His Excellency Shri Shivraj V. Patil, the Governor of Panjab and Administrator of Union Territory of Chandigarh, addressed the Rotarians on the Installation Ceremony of District Governor Rtn. Manmohan Singh on 1st July 2012.  His address was highly motivational and I reproduce below some of the excerpts : 

I am very pleased to be here and I am very happy to see the model of elections of your District Governor where no canvassing is allowed.  I think the politicians should model their own elections and learn from you.
The outgoing government of District has done well and I appreciate it. I am very happy to hear DG Manmohan Singh that the plans he has for the District will add to the glory of Rotary and we wish him all the best.
I am reminded of Inter Parliamentary Union (IPU) which was founded in France and has become an international organization with members of all Parliaments around th world.  It meets twice in a year in different countries.  The concept of League of Nations was born out of IPU, which later turned out to be the United Nations.  UN has presence around the globe, but Rotary is present in many more countries than the United Nations.  If this is understood we can understand the importance of Rotary in nthe world.
Rotary is an independent non-government organization. United Nations is not so, and it is the governments of various nations who support it and run it.   The best part I have realized in Rotary is that it never asks for financial help or for that matter for anything, and instead believes in giving.  In my public life I meet numerous people who come asking for something or complaining about this and that.  But I have not found Rotarians complaining against anything. They have positive attitude towards life, and they do not complain but instead come forward to find solution and help.
Our world has numerous problems. Neither the United Nations or the governments of various nations can resolve them or find solution. But I have seen Rotarians providing solution. It is not possible to solve all problems but whatever is possible they come forward and make it happen.
Rotarians are complete in themselves, successful and more than anything else, have an attitude to help others.  This is the attitude to help others which is required in the world today.  They work together as a united force to help others, and if they can do it, others can also do it.
The concept of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (the whole world is one single family) is an ancient concept of our country. In order to unite and have peace, this asks for broad-mindedness of people, while the short-sightedness can divide this world. Rotary is trying to unite the world.  You represent different communities, cultures and countries, all united to work together. You are united as one force.  This attitude of oneness and being helpful to others is an attitude which needs to be inculcated amongst people, and only then we can create a better place.
Your theme of ‘Peace through Service’ this year is excellent. But let there is peace in your mind, and we can have peace in the world. I have no doubt that the Rotarians, endowed with the spirit of oneness and the positive attitude of helping others and finding solutions to problems, can bring peace in the world.