Club News - July 8, 2013

Hunnar Se Rozgar Tak
Pres. Hassan Mejie and PP Man Mohan Singh Kohli visited Dr. Ambedkar Hotel Management Institute and met  with a batch of students sponsored jointly by our Club and Mehar Baba Charitable Trust. The students prepared and served a continental lunch. Mrs. Bharti Tyagi, Principal of the Institute and PP Man Mohan Singh gave the students a motivational talk. A majority of these students are from EWS families from rural areas.


Thank You
PRIP Raja Saboo has contributed `65,000 towards Heartline Project on the 50th Birthday of his younger son Jaivardhan.

Rtn Vinod Talwar sponsored the 22 cart Gold Coin for the Lucky Draw. There will be one gold coin prize to grab every month.

Prayer Meeting

A prayer meeting in memory of Munish, son of PDG Dhyan Chand, was held in Shimla on 10 July. From our Club, it was attended by Pres. Hassan S. Mejie & R’Anne Harkiran, PDG Kawal Bedi, PP Baldev Aggarwal, PP Praveen C. Goyal, PP Vijay Wadhawan, PP Atma Ram Singh & R’Anne Arti.

UT government taking steps to improve Education in Chandigarh

Mr V.K. Singh, IAS, Finance Secretary UT Chandigarh was to be the guest speaker on July 8 but he could not return from Delhi due to flight cancellation. Instead, Mr Ajoy Sharma, IAS, very kindly consented to be the speaker and present steps being taken by the UT administration to improve schooling in government schools in Chandigarh.

According to Mr Ajoy Sharma, in last one year the Chandigarh Administration had taken a series of very innovative steps that have laid the foundation to providing good education. Ten new senior secondary schools are being added this year and another 10 will be added in two years time, he said. Besides, huge effort has gone into plugging the human resource shortage. In 2012, the Chandigarh Administration has added 800 new teachers and in the next six months another 1500 will be recruited. Efforts have been made that the newly recruited teachers come with the required training to make a qualitative change in education being provided in the city.

Mr Sharma also added that more and more school classrooms are being converted to Smart classrooms. The teachers are being encouraged to have a sense of ownership and do their work with renewed passion. The focus is not on making the class “smart”, he added, but to also transform the thought process of the teachers.

While sharing his own experience of studying in poorly equipped and staffed schools, followed by exposure to institutions like IIT and some leading foreign universities, he said that he was well aware of the gap the existed and he, along with his colleagues in the Administration, are working to bridge the gap.

Mr Sharma added that a dedicated team of 18-20 teachers has been constituted to hand-hold and transform the school and teaching environment. Overall personality development and extra-curricular skills are being given a lot of weightage. More sports facilities are being created and existing infrastructure is being revamped and upgraded. “In coming years, you will see a lot of improvement in government schools due to the steps being taken currently,” he said.

In the interactive session Rtn Krishan Kumar suggested to open the school grounds to children in evening. Mr Sharma assured him that steps are already being taken in this regard.

Rtn Ashok Khanna suggested that yoga be made part of the curriculum.  In reply, Mr Sharma said while yoga is not yet part of curriculum, yoga teachers are being deployed and children are being encouraged to learn yoga.

Rtn Geetika Rao suggested that more efforts should be put in to imbibe social responsibility among school kids, to which Mr Sharma said that steps are already being taken in this regard.
President Hassan Mejie appraised the guest speaker about the projects being undertaken by our Club to help children from poor families get better education and training.

Mr Sharma was introduced by PP Man Mohan Singh Kohli. Rtn Reema Dewan  proposed the vote of thanks.   Rtn Surinder Paul Kaur presented a memento  to the Chief Guest.

The second Lucky Draw (a gold coin courtesy Rtn Vinod Talwar) was won by Rtn Jaspal Sidhu.